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What is SlicBus?

Invention Recipe: snap-together hardware, add your software, run.

SlicBus allows you to snap-together hardware modules to create a virtual printed circuit board customized for your project. No hardware to build, just add your software and connect your system to the outside world.

SlicBus is a standardized method of connecting your software running on any processor platform, to Sensor and Control modules. It allows you to quickly go from idea to working prototype.

The SlicBus standard is Open Source and License Free, which means that you can buy SlicBus modules from multiple suppliers not just from SlicMicro. So the chances that you will be able to find the module you need are much higher.

You connect to SlicBus modules via something that is available on practically every computing system: the common serial port. When building your invention, you can write your master software on anything from a microcontroller to a super computer and then, read sensor data from, and write control information to SlicBus modules.

Any device that has a serial port can be programmed to be a SlicBus master. Multiple slave modules can be connected to a master's single serial port via the SlicBus Connect module which is the SlicBus equivalent of a USB hub or a ethernet switch.

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February 16, 2013     Performance Improvements.

We have made changes to improve the performance of our website, so pages should change at a snappier pace. We also cleaned up some rendering issues that were happening on specific versions of Internet Explorer. A big thank you to those that pointed out these issues!


January 26, 2013     We're Open!

Its been a lot of work but we are finally up and running. We have a long way to go before anyone knows about us so we will have to invest in some marketing to get the word out. Hopefully others will like our products as much as we do!


January 10, 2013     Dry Run Complete

We have been working hard to get our web sites (store and forums) up and running and we just completed a dry run where we purchased a product off this very web site and had it delivered! Cool! We should be open for business soon!


December 12, 2012     Testing, Testing, 1,2,3

Getting our two sites (store and forums) up and running and working together, and, gathering all the information and loading it into all the web pages.


December 05, 2012     Go, and Be Fulfilled!

Sent our first batch of product inventory to Amazon's fulfillment center to be ready for our opening day.

Reflow Toaster Oven Recipe

Want to solder surface mount components onto printed circuit boards? With pro results, on a budget? Build your own Reflow Toaster Oven with this SlicBus recipe. A great example of what can be built with SlicBus modules.


Get with the program!

Program both AVRs and PICs with this great little programmer that emulates both the gold standard AVR ISP Mark2 and the legendary PICkit2. Something for every microcontroller developer's toolbox.


An Internet uController!

Connect to the internet with this low cost microcontroller from Microchip. SlicBus ready and packaged into a Duino form factor to make it compatible with your existing shields. Free compiler and development environment are available from Microchip.



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